Welcome to the homepage of the USEC research consortium. USEC stands for User Supportive Embedded Configuration and is a joint effort between industry and academia with a four years grant from the Danish Technical Research Council. The consortium constitutes the framework for a new-established research collaboration between 7 partners. The universities are: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). The companies are Danfoss, Grundfos, American Power Conversion (APC), and Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS). You can read more about the partners under the heading partners.

The project
The consortium will be working on a research project, which is also entitled USEC. A short introduction to the scope of the project can be found under the heading introduction. News and results during the course of the four project years will be published on this website as they become relevant.

What else can be found on this site
This site is aimed both at the partners, i.e. internal project communication, as well as any interested outsiders. Should any questions arise from a visit to this site you are welcome to contact the project administration.

USEC news
Saturday, February 18, 2006 - Feature on the radio programme: "Harddisken": Videoen programmerer sig selv...

"Opgør med de trælse fejlkoder" an article by the Danish Research Council, January 2006 (in Danish).

Read about the consortium in the Reasearch Council's publication: 8 forskningshistorier 2005 (in Danish)

Contact: Johanne Keiding:   Email: johanne@itu.dk    Phone: +45 72 18 50 54   Fax: +45 72 18 50 01